2022/2023 Meeting Minutes

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2022

Time: 9:10am-10:30am

Location: Board Members Home

Board Members Present:

Joe Cambre, Paula Langford, Scott Mueller, Lori Jurkovic



1. Established roles:

  • Scott Mueller: President

  • Colleen Jankovich: VP1

  • Laurie Jurkovich: VP2

  • Joe Cambre: Secretary

  • Paula Langford: Treasurer

2.  Financials update:

  • Dues coming in steadily.

  • Tennis courts supposed to be resurfaced this month. Estimate of $6,100 dollars.

  • It is still to be determined if we are liable for taxes on the $7,500 dollars from settlement/sale of 1215 Weeping Willow. We will proceed with purposing the funds when this is determined.

  • Reviewed plan for long-term budgeting for amenities/common area upkeep and renewal. Projections are fluid estimates and ongoing, with the aim to keep funds available over the course of many years. $18,000 is budgeted for deposit in long-term savings this year.

3. ACC formation/procedures:

  • Lori and Scott will chair the committee as Board members

  • Board will reach out to those who volunteered during the previous Board’s term, as well as send out communication for the opportunity to volunteer to serve.

  • Board will send out electronic communication as well as a mailer regarding Community-Wide Standards, which are already outlined in our Governing Documents (Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws, and Resolutions).

  • Both courtesy and violation letters will continue to be sent.

  • ACC form will be posted to neighborhood website.

4. Tennis court resurfacing:

  • Including pickleball lines on the tennis courts has been brought up again. The Board will send out an interest survey to gauge the support more accurately from HOA members.


  • Resurfacing should be performed this month.

5. Pool inspection should be scheduled this week. Opening date still planned for May 1st.

6. The Board will look into a trash collection contract at a discounted rate for the neighborhood. 


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