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Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are available for residents to enjoy.  Happy playing! Please remember:

  • the courts are for tennis only

  • avoid the use of any type of wheel on the court - bikes, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, etc.

  • monitor children that are playing tennis

Make a reservation to use the courts today!


Planned opening date is May 1st.


We hope homeowners are enjoying our new playground!


Willow Tree Pool
Pool Hours:  7am to 11pm

Here are some reminders about pool rules and other pool info:


·         Pool Hours are 7am to 11pm daily. Do not enter pool area during closed hours.

·         No solo swimming.

·         There is a phone to dial 911 for EMERGENCIES located on the wall inside the covered area.

·         NO DIVING at the pool.

·         Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older.

·         Babies and children who are not FULLY potty-trained must wear plastic or rubber pants OVER a swim diaper. You may NOT only put a swim diaper on them.  NO regular diapers are allowed in the pool.  This is a Cherokee County rule.  Feces in the pool will cause the pool to shut down until cleared.

·         NO SMOKING is allowed inside of the gated pool area.

·         NO GLASS is allowed at the pool or ANYWHERE inside the pool gated area.  Please bring canned drinks or use plastic cups. Broken glass in the pool will cause the pool to be closed and drained which could take several DAYS to remedy.  Please do not bring ANY glass into the pool area.

·         Please help CLOSE umbrellas that you use (or that are open and unattended) before you leave.  If a storm comes and they are left open, they could get broken by the wind/rain.

·         Please pickup and dispose of your own trash and food and help keep the pool are nice and clean.  If you have parties or events, please do not overfill the trash cans.  Bring a trash bag from home and take your excessive amounts of trash home with you. Food and spilled drinks attract bugs, so they need to be cleaned up immediately.

·         Tables under the covered area are available on a “First Come, First Served” basis.  If you are planning to have a party or event at the pool, you may not reserve it, however, please email your party/event dates and times to the HOA Board so the Pool Committee can TRY to let you know if any issues arise before or during your party plans.

·         Please label your goggles, towels and pool toys and take them home with you when you leave.  Check the LOST & FOUND box often.  Items left will be periodically donated or thrown away.

·         Please do not open the pool gate for unattended children or people you do not know. The Willow Tree amenities are for Willow Tree residents and their guests.

Melissa Telfer is the Pool Committee Contact.  Please contact her if there are ever any concerns or questions.
(720) 438-8408 (Call or Text)- Melissa Telfer Cell

We hope that you and your families and guests enjoy this Pool Season! 

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