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Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are available for residents to enjoy.  Happy playing! Please remember:

  • the courts are for tennis only

  • avoid the use of any type of wheel on the court - bikes, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, etc.

  • monitor children that are playing tennis

Make a reservation to use the courts today!


The pool opens on Saturday 05.30.2020 under guidelines necessary due to COVID-19 (see the rules below). Residents who use the amenity must sign the waiver linked below. Please print and sign the document and bring with you to the pool.


Exciting things happen at Willow Tree and a new playground is one of the latest examples.  View the links below to get a peek at the plans for this amenity.

Proposal | CLICK HERE

Willow Tree HOA Pool Operating Regulations During COVID-19 Pandemic


All normal pool rules are in effect (especially no glass) in addition to, or unless revised, by the following:

  • Pool hours are from 11am – 9pm

  • Entering the pool area and/or swimming is at your own risk. 

  • Pool use is intended for residents of Willow Tree only. 

  • A pool monitor will assist chiefly in opening the gate for residents, helping to maintain sanitation, and keeping a count of residents in attendance.

  • Per CDC guidelines governing the square footage of our pool decking, the maximum capacity within our gated pool area during this time is 30 individuals. Additional individuals within the gated pool area is in violation of DPH/CDC rules and will result in pool closure and/or fines.

  • Please limit your time at the pool to a maximum of two hours. 

  • Please bring your own chairs. All pool furniture has been put away as they are additional contact surfaces that require disinfection, and therefore create additional risk of infection. Please make sure to take any furniture with you.

  • The lost and found is unavailable at this time. If you bring an item, please make sure to take it with you. Items left at the pool will be discarded after 24 hours if not claimed.   

  • The grill is unavailable at this time.

  • Though we have increased sanitation methods pertinent to CDC/DPH guidelines, please thoroughly clean up after yourself and children. It is highly suggested that residents bring their own disinfectant wipes to wipe down any high touch areas before/after use.

  • Please follow all guidelines that pertain to social distancing. Additionally, the use of personal protective equipment is highly encouraged. 

  • All residents using the pool must have the Resident Acknowledgement of COVID-19 and Assumption of Risk waiver completed. Any resident under the age of 18 must have this completed on their behalf by a parent or legal guardian.  Any resident of Willow of the age of 18 and over is required to sign this waiver. 

The above rules are in effect through June 12, 2020, at which time they are subject to expiration, renewal, and/or revision.

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